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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

With Passion, Communication, Courtesy and Teamwork Anything is Possible...

The area of the United Kingdom is approximately 94,060 square miles.
The straight-line distance from Land's End to John O' Groats is 603 miles, though the traditional distance by road is 874 miles.  That is a lot of distance for our merry little band to cover.  Can we do it? Or have we set ourselves an impossible task?

We know we will succeed for four important reasons. 
  1. We have passion for our chosen cause.  It is ingrained in us all, because in our childhood we were those reluctant readers, and these books changed us.  We are only too aware of the very different life we could be living now if we had not embraced reading.  
  2. At school we were taught to communicate and can express that passion and convince others to follow our cause.  They made this possible. 
  3. Our parents bought us up to be well-mannered and polite, never rude or abrupt 
  4. We have the ability to work as a team and draw others to our cause.
In short we will politely communicate our passion until people offer to help.  Sounds impossible?  Read on and be convinced…

Our first donation was a symbolic one for one of our team - to put the book that had first made him fall in love with reading back into the school he first read it in.  For our second donation we wanted to make a statement.  We wanted to prove to you just what can be achieved by politely communicating our passion for this cause.  Ladies and Gentlemen we are so very proud to announce to you our second delivery of books here:

It is Al Shahama Secondary Girls School in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Our second donation travelled a little bit further that the first and it did so at ZERO COST to us. 

We fully intend that the majority of these books will be distributed to UK schools, with the exception of some that we hope to get out to our members in the USA.  However, we could not resist proving to you all what CAN be achieved when you have the ability to communicate your passion for a good cause, politely request assistance and work as a team.  

The school sent us a wonderful PowerPoint of thanks that brought a tear to our eye.
Thank you Al Shahama School.  We are so glad to have made you part of our project.  Here is what they sent:

Children of the world - Work hard in your Literacy lessons and develop your communication skills. With them you can achieve ANYTHING!

We are Target Who.  We have placed books in our first two schools over 3400 miles apart … and we have only just begun.  
Target Who would like to thank Amy Kranz and the Staff and Students at Al Shahama Secondary Girls School in Abu Dhabi for making our second delivery truly special

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  1. We are a school in East Birmingham and our topic this term is "Doctor Who"; we have been writing about the eleven Doctors, learning the secrets of the TARDIS and learning about which aliens to avoid should Birmingham ever be invaded. We also travelled to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who Experience. We had a wonderful day in Wales; there were tears of joy and [mild] terror. Hooray for Target Who - we look forward to receiving some Doctor Who books to continue our adventures...