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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Capital Problem

We are Target Who and we always expected that there would be parts of the country where help would prove difficult to find.   we didn’t, however, expect that the most difficult place would be London.  We thought it would be easy to find help in our most densely populated city, but that was not the case.  

We had two false starts with people eager to help if they could, but it soon became apparent the impossibility of them fitting trips to schools around their busy working lives. Since moving away from London some years ago, I had forgotten how hectic and stressful the London Lifestyle is.  Long hours, long commutes and schools only open for such a short period.

Plan B would have seen me take a large suitcase full books down to central location in London to enable teachers to meet and collect their books.  Two detached retinas put paid to that plan!  We were beginning to wonder if we would ever reach London schools!
So when we started contacting Hays Manager, my most nervous telephone call was to their London office.  Would they agree to help, or would they be one of the few offices that turned us down?  I put off the phone call for several hours, fearing the worst…

Thankfully when I made the call, the wonderful Tim Field was full of enthusiasm for what we were trying to achieve.  He immediately pledged the full support of his office to help us reach the waiting London schools.  He also put us in touch with their second London Office, but more about them in another post.  

The next task was to get books to their office in Victoria and Andrew braved the London traffic and the congestion zone and delivered books for sixty-three schools.  Deliveries to schools have now started and Tim recently sent in an update to us.  Plotted below are the first of their 63 schools on the Target Who Pin Map.

We are Target Who and it’s fantastic to know our books are finally moving out across our Capital City.

Target Who would like to thank Tim Field and the staff of the Hays Victoria office for spreading our books across London.

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