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Monday, 30 June 2014

Delivery to Devil’s End

We are Target Who and here is a very special delivery we forgot to tell you about!  (It occurred around the same time I suffered my second detached retina and it became too difficult to blog - Sorry!)

Thousands of books have been ferried between Andrew and I since this project began.  During one of those trips Andrew made a slight detour on the way and called in at the village of Aldbourne in Wiltshire.

St Michael’s Church, Aldbourne

Aldbourne has a special place in the hearts of many Doctor Who fans.  In April 1971 the cast and crew of Doctor Who arrived at the village to film location work for the highly regarded Jon Pertwee story The Daemons. Aldbourne became the fictional village of Devil’s End, where an archaeological dig at a Bronze Age burial mound, the infamous Devil’s Hump, unleashed dark forces.  The village church was pivotal to the plot, where the new village vicar, Rev. Magister, was none other than the villainous Master in disguise…

To this day many Doctor Who fans still visit this classic location, and just next to the church they find St. Michael's C of E Aided School. It was the obvious choice for a small bundle of Target Who books, though sadly we had no copies of The Daemons to give them!

Andrew had the pleasure of visiting the school late last year and got to see the marvellous Doctor Who inspired village litter bins! The villagers can keep Aldbourne tidy by either exterminating their rubbish or popping it into the space-time vortex!

We are Target Who and we hope news of this delivery has put a smile on Doctor Who fans faces everywhere!


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  2. I would like to visit this pretty village some day