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Saturday, 27 April 2013

An Unearthly Plan

Well day two of our little adventure and we are grateful for all the help and support received so far. We've had a lot of visitors to this blog and also our Facebook page and kind comments left on both.  People have also been tweeting and spreading word of us on Twitter, and we've even had retweet's from the cast and crew of Doctor Who past and present. Thanks to all who have help spread the word about our scheme. Please don't stop though, we want to reach far and wide with this venture, so the more we are talked about, Liked, Shared and Retweeted the better!

We've had a few emails and questions too, so we thought we would clarify a few points here.

Doctor Who fans' favourite teachers.

 To Teachers:

The books are all brand new Doctor Who books that feature novelisations of the TV adventures of the first seven Doctors. (William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy) 

The copies we have were printed during the later 1980s or early 1990s and have been waiting patiently to be read, in storage, for the last 20-25 years before being auctioned on eBay earlier this year. 

The books are FREE. There is no charge. We hope to divide the books into small sets of 6-10 books for each school we can reach. If you are interested in books for your classroom or school library please establish contact with us via email. Please note however that it may not be possible to reach schools in every area, but we will do our best. We are scattered around the country, but not everywhere. We may initially have no way of reaching you but we will endeavour to find a way if at all possible. We are only a small collection of Doctor Who fans who are celebrating the shows 50th Anniversary by sharing the books we loved as children with the new generation of fans. 

Young Doctor Who fans meeting their hero in 1980 (or are they?)
To Doctor Who Fans: 

No, sorry, you can't buy any of our books. Our feeling on this is that a book in a fan’s collection will probably be read once, if ever and filed away as part of a collection. A book on a school bookshelf can be discovered by at least 30 children EVERY year. We have bought these books because we want them to be read and enjoyed again and again. Placing them in schools allows that to happen. 

Yes! Patience! We will show you photos of all the books. You can probably work out which titles we have by the backdrop photo to the blog, but we will list them all in time. We know how some fans love lists! We will tell the full story eventually, but at the moment, while schools are open we are spending our energies distributing books. The summer holidays will soon be upon us and while schools are closed for six weeks, we will serialise our story. 

We are very much aware that there are more schools in the UK than we have books, despite the enormous amount we have. That is why ADDITIONALLY we hope you the fans will also consider doing the same as us and donating a book of your own to a school in your area. This is completely separate to our book giveaway. We simply hope that Doctor Who fans around the world will love our idea and do the same with a single book in their local school. 

Unwrapping all these Doctor Who books felt like Christmas as a child again!
Today we've been answering emails, learning how to open up comments on the blog so that everyone can leave messages (go on try it), setting the clock to UK time and spreading the word.  We've also been unwrapping and sorting some of the books. Here's a little peek. Enjoy! 
A very, very small sample of our books, to be hopefully enjoyed by schoolchildren across the country soon!


  1. What a wonderful donation idea. Thank you so much. I am not a teacher myself, but know several teachers and school librarians, so I will help you spread the word. :-) Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the help Amanda. It's very much appreciated

  3. My partner is ALA and used to be a school librarian, I've already pointed him at this. Librarians are like mafia, incestuous, they all know each other... so I've sent out the Librarian Bat Signal, we'll see ;-) Great idea, and I hope it goes in London I have zero space to store anything, as most people do :-(