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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Edge of Distribution

Do you like the new look?  We’ve tweaked the blog slightly and hopefully it’s more readable now.  
We have had a busy two days with lots of inquiries from schools and we are slowly compiling lists of places to hopefully reach with our books.  You are all continuing to do a wonderful job of spreading word of our project.  We’ve been Shared, Retweeted and Liked across the internet and had many offers of help from teachers around the country.  Please keep up the good work.  Mark Gattiss we love you!  One retweet from you and our mailbox went crazy! 

Target Who staff marking school locations on the map
In our first post we said:
“It is also, partially, an experiment. We have no funding for this, nor are we asking for any.  We will seek to achieve our aim by distributing via our extended friends and family network and seeking the help of people within the teaching profession.”

To expand on that, we currently have approximately 12,000 books in our 'Centre of Operations' in Hampshire.  (Translation: A Doctor Who fan in Hampshire has a very understanding wife and no space left in his garage). We also have 2,000 books in our 'Gloucestershire Hub'.  (Translation:  My equally understanding wife and I drove to Hampshire to fetch some books . I now can’t move in my office for the stacks of books piled up!)

We have members of our little group in other areas of the UK and have press ganged various members of our families and friends, so slowly we will move piles of books around the country and closer to those far away schools.  I suspect that every family journey I make in the months ahead will include a box of books in the back for a detour en route! 

Many schools have been in touch already and we have a growing list to send books to.  We will get books out to you all eventually, but for those of you furthest away from our doorstep we ask that you have a little patience with us.  We should have the first books in schools by next week and we’ll keep you updated on that every step of the way.  A counter has been added to the top of the page and we are looking forward to the numbers slowly increasing in the months ahead. 

We will get books to you using any means possible!
We have also had many wonderful messages from Teachers.  We’ve been told about Doctor Who theme days, their pupils’ love of Doctor Who and even teaching Venn Diagrams using Matt Smith and David Tennant!  These are comments that we’d really love everyone to be able to read, as well as hearing back about how the books are received by the pupils themselves!  We’ll therefore be creating some special postings designed for you to comment on.  Look out for them soon.

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