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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beyond the Sun

We are Target Who and things have been moving at a hectic pace over the last few days. 

Six Days ago Andrew handed over a little bundle of books to Quilley School of Engineering in Southampton that included our 2000th book!  Since then the counters have kept climbing as we strive to reach as many schools as possible before the summer break. 

Andrew making the donation to Quilley School of Engineering

Both Dave in Leeds and Andy in the West Midlands have donated themselves to a standstill, exhausting their supply of books!  Dave’s last push involved sending books on their way to schools in Edinburgh and Ayr!  They won’t reach their final destination until after the summer break, but they are slowly working their way up towards Scotland.  

Andrew has been busy co-ordinating deliveries to other hubs.  He’s sorted and passed on books to our man in Sussex, Rob Carpenter and the Sussex hub.  Books are also en route to our new Kent hub ready for deliveries to start in September.  A trip to watch the Doctor Who Proms concert also saw Andrew passing books out to other members of the Target Who Team while there!

As at 16th July 2013.  Target Who Books Delivered: 2,251.  Inspired Donations: 162

David has been out and about in Gloucestershire again, reaching the schools between Cirencester and Bourton-on-the-Water.  He’s also been calling on both teachers and friends of friends to move books around during the summer holidays.  Books have been sorted and sent to wonderful people helping distribute in Manchester, Warrington, Wigan, St Helens and the Scottish Highlands. 

Books all bundled and packed ready to begin their journey up the the Scottish Highlands

We also have a number of friends and helpers scattered around the UK all continuing to move our books into schools near them.  Thank you all.  They, along with other members of Target Who, will be distributing books to schools we’ve yet to reach after the summer break.

We are Target Who and slowly we are making our way to you. 

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