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Monday, 8 July 2013

Isabel & Lucy are Target Who Too

We are Target Who and slowly our books are spreading around the country.  

Isabel with the Target Who books we donated
When our books reached Waddington and West Bradford Primary School in Lancashire, Lucy and Isabel Hatherell were only too eager to help support us.  Not only did they organise these fantastic photographs in the school library, but Isabel also donated three of her own books too.
Isabel with the three books she gave her school library
We heard that Isabel is moving up to Ribblesdale Senior School in September, and Lucy tells us that one of the things that attracted Isabel to the school is its fantastic library.  She will no doubt be pleased to know that they are also on our distribution list and Target Who books will be arriving there in the new school year.

Isabel and Lucy.
 Target Who would like to thank Lucy and Isabel for supporting our cause.


  1. FANTASTIC as the 9th Doctor would say. :)

  2. Hooray to these lovely Time Ladies!!