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Friday, 25 October 2013

Happenstance and Kismet

We are Target Who and we are seeking help wherever we can find it to move our books into school libraries.

My wife has often teased me that I have not spoken to a single person in the last six months without at some point mentioning Target Who.  She is probably right.  I am a little obsessed about this project, but then I have seen first-hand the effect they can have on even the most reluctant reader.  

Over the summer we had Solar Panels installed and I interrupted the workmen’s tea break to tell them all about Target Who.  One or two of them even took books back for their local schools!  However a courtesy call from the company’s head office led to even greater help..

Gary Anderson was the employee who rang and what a wonderful stroke of fortune that was.  I confirmed that all had gone well with the installation and then quickly took the chance to spread the word about our little project.  Gary was very enthusiastic and loved what we were trying to do.  By the end of the call he had given me his email address and agreed to forward an open email about our project around his colleagues and friends.  Then he asked the killer question … 
“Could I pass your details on to my fiancĂ©e?  
She works for a company that regularly visits schools all over Birmingham.”
I agreed instantly and that’s how I first got in touch with the wonderful Laura Cameron.

 Laura works for Hays Education in Birmingham, who vet and supply temporary teaching staff for schools.  Laura leads the Sandwell Primary Team along with Sam Millan and together they provide an extensive service for Teaching, Teaching Assistant and Early Years support within this area. 
Laura and her colleagues helped contact an agreed number of schools in her area about Target Who.  We then arranged to drop the required number of books, pre-bundled for each interested school at Laura’s office, where they have slowly been distributing them on our behalf.  Then I asked my killer question. 
“Could I contact other Hays office around the UK and see if they would do the same for us?”

Laura agreed to help arrange this and booked an appointment with her Director, Roop Bhumbra where she explained what we wanted to do and what a positive impact they were having in the schools we had reached so far.  Roop provisionally agreed, but there were a few hurdles to jump first.  I provided Hays with my employment history, several references and undertook a police clearance check.  That finally came through last week and Hays offices managers were sent details about Target Who and informed I may be telephoning soon.

I have spent this week slowly ringing round the many offices and organising delivery help.  The response from Hays staff was been 100% positive and any schools signed up in their area will now be distributed via Hays.  So far I have spoken to the majority of the of Hays Education offices in the South of England and South Wales,  I have provisionally agreed distribution with the area manager that covers the North West of England and North Wales.  Next I will be speaking to offices in the North East.  They won’t be able to deliver to every school, but the numbers we have left to reach will be significantly lower, enabling us to focus exclusively on them.

We are Target Who and with the help and support of Hays Education our books will be heading into hundreds of schools soon.
Gary Anderson and Laura Cameron
Target Who would like to thank Gary Anderson, Roop Bhumbra, Manoj Parekh, Nathan Smith, Michael Watson and each and every one of Hays Education staff that aids our cause.

Target Who would especially like to thank the very wonderful Laura Cameron for making all this possible.

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