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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Special Delivery for Who?

We are Target Who and this month, as we hurl towards the 50th Anniversary date, we’ve been busy researching and planning some very special deliveries.  For these, we haven’t exactly broken the laws of Target Who but we are bending them a little.  We have despatched the books unannounced and paid for postage.  The costs incurred have been funded by a small group of generous Doctor Who fans, some of whom have chosen to remain anonymous.  David Dovey, Andrew Ledger, Phil Sandifer, Roger Smith, and Jason Wandby are amongst their numbers and a small number of others.  Wonderful chaps - all of them.

 The books have been sent with an enclosed letter explaining our project and the reason they have been chosen for this very special delivery.  There is also a polite request to send us something we can share with you on the blog; maybe a photo, a thank you note, or news of the pupil’s response to our little gift.  Of course schools are very busy places, and in the grand scheme of things perhaps a donation of a small number of Doctor Who books is a trivial thing to them, no matter how much placing books in their particular school may mean to us.  We may never hear back from them, but if we do we’ll share the news here.  

We are Target Who and we hope to make you smile as we slowly unveil these special deliveries.

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