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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Problems, Perseverance and Plans

We are Target Who and recently we have had a run of bad luck.  They say that bad luck comes in threes and I have already reported how I suffered a detached retina in my left eye, and how Andrew’s recent house move has left him cut off from the internet.  On Sunday our third and hopefully final serving of bad luck came our way.

The day started so well; a pleasant morning with the family and an afternoon being entertained by Steven Moffat at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, where he told us about SPOILERS.  Shortly afterwards the vision in my right eye became distorted and a trip to A&E confirmed that the retina in that eye had also detached.  I had laser surgery on Monday afternoon; I now have zero vision in my right eye, partial blurry vision in my left and a very lovely wife who is typing this on my behalf. 

However, it is not all bad news.  Andrew has finally re-joined us in the 21st century and will be and will be able to ensure Target Who emails do not go unanswered. 
Also over the last few weeks I have been having discussions with many people and laying down plans which are starting to come into fruition.  

With the help of my childhood fiend Mark Roberts and teacher Jon Biddle the books for all Norfolk schools have now reached Norwich and distribution will start next week.  We will pin them onto the map once each school confirms receipt.

We have also found someone to help distribute across Essex and if all goes to plan he should receive the books on Sunday.  Again distribution should start from next week, although due to his location, Essex based schools within the M25 will take a little longer to reach but he will endeavour to reach you as soon as possible. 

There is also a much bigger plan in the pipeline which will hopefully enable us to distribute to hundreds more schools.  This has been delayed by the need for me to update CRB clearance, but as this is now completed I hope to announce further details very soon…watch this space!

Finally, many other Target Who members have been working together on a series of VERY special deliveries which we are looking forward to announcing in the weeks leading up to Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary in November.

We are Target Who and despite these hiccups we continue to focus on getting our books into school libraries (apart from David who can’t focus on anything at present!).

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