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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Show Must Go On!

We are Target Who and we have not had the best start to the new school year!

Down in Hampshire Andrew moved house at the beginning of September; a move complicated by the presence of a few thousand books in his garage.  The move hasn’t gone smoothly and he has been without a telephone line and internet access all month and there is still no sign of the problem being sorted.  To further complicate things he can only get a mobile phone signal when he stands at the very bottom of his garden!  it has led to some text message conversations taking many hours! 

Here in Gloucester I’ve had even worse luck.  A problem with my eyesight over the bank holiday turned out to be a detached retina in my left eye.  It resulted in laser surgery and it will be 8-10 weeks before my sight returns properly.  I’ve had to spend a couple of weeks lying flat and my poor vision is obviously limiting what I can currently do.  I’ve sadly had to cancel plans for a number of school visits, and book delivery runs to Cardiff and Essex have both been delayed.  I’ll get to you as soon as I can.

My vision is impaired - I can not see!
However it’s not all bad news.   With my good eye, a laptop, a telephone and the help of some wonderful family and friends I’ve managed to organise several deliveries and books for Norfolk, Ipswich and Llanelli have all left Gloucester this week.  I’m back in touch with the custodian of the Manchester books and they should hopefully reach schools soon too. 

Meanwhile in Kent, Andy has delivered to his first school, with others soon to follow and in Sussex Rob will begin distributing later this week.  

I should also have BIG NEWS soon for the rest of you that are all patiently waiting.  Keep watching the blog and I’ll inform you all as soon as things are finalised.

We are Target Who and despite all our current problems the counters continue to slowly climb. We hope to be able to accelerate the rate in which they increase real soon!

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