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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Target Who Down Under

We are Target Who and over the summer our books reached our furtherest distance yet!

During the school summer holidays we were contacted by Mark Baker of Woodmancote Cricket Club.  The club had previously helped our cause back in June by purchasing and donating 75 current Doctor Who books to local schools, but Mark had thought of another way to help us.  He explained that he was originally from Australia and had relatives currently visiting.  He wondered if we would like his father to take a set of our books with him when he returned Australia.  We quickly agreed and thanks to his help the school library of Belgrave South Primary School now has a small selection of Target Who books on its shelves.

We are Target Who and now some of our books are half a world thanks to passion, communication, courtesy and teamwork.

Target Who would like to thank Mark Baker and family for aiding our cause.

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