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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Kia Ora New Zealand

We are Target Who and with the help of our friends we are freely distributing books to schools wherever we can reach.  Small bundles passed from person to person, slowly working their way to their chosen destination.  Some of our books travel for thousands of miles before reaching schools.  Those of you following our Facebook page may have noticed a small bundle recently arrived in New Zealand for distribution by my good friend Megan Gourlay.

Megan told us:

Kia Ora from New Zealand Turns out Target Who has a far reaching audience! I delivered a bundle of books Nova Montessori School in Christchurch last week. This school has had significant damage from the February earthquakes we had here 3 years ago which is why I chose this school - and both my Godsons go to this school. I also gave them my collection of Artemis Fowl novels - they were all so excited!!

The school kindly provided a photo of some of their pupils with the books who can now enjoy an adventure with one of the first seven Doctors.  

We are Target Who and as you read this many more books are slowly moving around.  Maybe one of them is heading your way.

Target Who would like to thank Megan Gourlay for her support in our mission.

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