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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Destination Scotland

We are Target Who and now that schools have reopened our crazy mission can continue.  

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer break.  We took a break from the blog and enjoyed some family time, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been ignoring Target Who completely.  During the break books have still been moving around the country into the custody of other group members and volunteers.  

With the Scottish schools returning before English and Welsh ones, our first deliveries of this academic year have been North of the border, thanks to the help of some kind people.
The wonderful Ruan Peat, librarian at Wick High School, organised her family’s return route home from a Devon holiday to pass near Gloucester. She collected the books for twenty Scottish Highland schools and delivered them all on her return home.  This included her family sailing over to Orkney with a bundle of books!

 Some of the Scottish Highland Schools that received Target Who deliveries.  Thanks Ruan

The amazing Jonathan Miller volunteered to deliver our books in the Warrington and Wigan areas, but also mentioned he was holidaying up in the Mull in Kintyre and could take some books with him.  While on holiday he delivered three sets on the mainland, the Isle of Gigha and the Isle of Arran respectively.  

The brilliant Gill Whitelaw delivered the books for 14 Edinburgh schools to the Wester Hailes Education Centre for onward distribution.  As soon as we have been notified that each set has reached its final destination we’ll add their pins to our map too.

Finally the fantastic Dave Pashby of the Target Who team took the books for five schools in Ayrshire with him on holiday and dropped them off at Kyle Academy, for onward distribution.
We still have other schools to reach in Scotland and we hope to have ways of reaching those arranged soon.

We are Target Who and our mission continues.

Target Who would like to thank Ruan Peat, Jonathan Miller, Gill Whitelaw and the teachers helping to distribute our books in their area.

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